Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fallen Angel 890

I was playing with transfers a while back and had this image that halfway transferred, so I tossed it aside with other failures. This morning I was looking through my "pile" and came to this image again. I realized it wasn't a failure at all. It spoke to me of easily we are led astray when we don't listen to his willingly we expose ourselves to toxic conversations and selfish desires...When we have fallen, he will pick us up, if only we listen...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fill Me

I've been quiet over the past month or so...I haven't been into making much art lately as I seem to be in a different season in my life. I love being back at work, but it leaves me with little free time, and I have to make choices with the free time that I have. Nature has been calling me, tugging at my heart. I long to sit in the sun and feel it's rays against my face, or a gentle breeze whispering in my ear...

I've been trying to work in my art journal whenever I get the chance. Here is a page I recently completed. I am so drawn to this image for various reasons.

This one's for you Annie! Hope you have a glorious week!