Sunday, March 09, 2008


We are moving. We are moving...I think it is finally sinking in. We have been in this home for over 10 years and have been looking on and off. This is such a big change for me, one that is both welcome and at the same time very frightening. I have become so comfortable here. Every time I walk in the front door, I am at peace. That IS how a home should feel. I know that I will feel at home in our new place after some time, but it is still change and the "unknown. Where will I grocery shop, what Vet will we use, how far away is the closest Starbucks? (We found that out today as I HAD to know.) But, it is time and we were both ready. It all happened so quickly. Jeff went out riding on the "bike" last weekend and came home with a bunch of flyers. He looked on the Internet all day. I thought it would pass...on our way to Lowes, we ended up looking at houses for 3 hours. Then another full day followed. The last home we looked at, I told Jeff as we drove up..."this is the one." And it was. It had everthing we wanted in a home and more. We went back today to take some measurements. It will need new kitchen counters and hardwood flooring in a few rooms. We will have that all done before we move in. As I sit and write, I keep wondering how it will feel. How long will it take before it is really "home." But the biggest question is, how will I possibly pack up and move my studio!!!! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Here is a front photo. It has a 3-car garage, but one got cut off in the photo...

Saturday, March 08, 2008


It's spring time...that means buds on trees, sprouting bulbs, and Brachs Malted Milk Eggs.... Yes, the time for indulgence is here! I put the word out that I was on the look out for Brachs Malted Milk Eggs and scored two bags yesterday!!! If I had a major weakness, it would be these babies! I can put a bag away in a matter of minutes, but I won't. I will savor each one. I'm very partial to the Brachs brand. I have eaten these since I was a little girl, and I never stray away. I have eaten others, but I always come back to these as my very favorite. They bring back memories of white lips, white patten leather shoes and a new easter dress. It's funny how something so little can bring back memories so big.

What is your indulgence? Have a great day!