Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Day of Valentine....

I had a great day using my new camera.  After waiting very patiently, and after much research, I bought a new Cannon D6, the new entry level full frame camera.  NO regrets!  The color is amazing and it just feels good in my hands.  I haven't taken it on a full journey that it deserves, but for now, taking photos of flowers fixed my creative urge.   So, I send to you, flowers for this special Valentine week! 

2B - Day 3

This week in 2B, we worked on camera settings, focus tricks & Lightroom layouts.  Good stuff!  I enjoyed this exercise.  Changing the focal point really does have an impact on your photo.  I took a lot of photos today.  I finally created my template for the class, but after I was done, I went outside and took several photos of Gracie, one of our basset hounds.   I loved focusing on her nose.  The bottom photo is my favorite.  She is such a little ham!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Beyond Beyond - Week 2

Time continues to fly by...It seems like it was just yesterday the family was gathered and we were enojoying the beginning of the holiday season.  And now, Valentines Day is upon us...sigh...

Here we are at week two in Beyond, Beyond.  For this week, Kim reviewd some camera tips and specifically, aperture settings.   We were to take photos using different aperture settings to see how changing the aperture affected the overall view of the picture.  This is always a good practice excercise.  The depth of field (DOF) has a great effect of the "feel" you are trying to achieve or towhere the eye is directed.  These photos were all taken at an aperture setting of 4.0, which is the lowest aperture setting for the lens I was using (which happens to a new lens on my new camera!).   These are just random shots from my artroom.  These are all SOOC so I could see the performance of my new camera.  The top photo is my favorite, and in the collage as well:

My artroom is my "safe" place in my refuge and my retreat!