Monday, September 01, 2008

Three Day Weekend - Three Days of Fun!


I love three day weekends. We never go anywhere due to the traffic and all, which is perfectly fine with me as I get three days in my studio! The first day we did a bit of work in the garage and Jeff finally hung my peg board above my soldering station. I absolutely LOVE getting organized. Second on the list was getting my torch all set up we are back in action! I bounced all around in different directions this weekend. First I finished a piece for a very special person. This is SO NOT me, but I had fun making it. The piece is titled, a Glimmer of Hope. The focal has a little shadowbox that safe keeps a little PMC textured circle with a tiny Swarovski crystal, and I mean tiny! It is about the size of a pin head, and thus represents glimmer."

My second piece is a new direction in my metal work. I love working with metal and color. It will be in addition to my standard pieces. I love making these and get totally lost in the process.

Today, I finished this piece. I needed a wind-down day. When Kelly gave me back my pieces from the book, I knew I wanted to change one of them. Actually, the piece was never finished, but it was still used in the book. This piece was special to me because it represented my ancestry. One of my great ancestors was Daniel Boone. My family has always been hunters and thus the bullet shell casings were an appropriate talisman to remind me of my family history. My nephew brought me the shells. He was so proud and excited to see what I had done with them.

All in all, this was a very productive weekend doing the things I love and spending time with those I and friends.

Next weekend...BRONZE PMC!