Saturday, July 22, 2006

New Banner

There are so many incredibly talented people in this world and Denise (Boho Blog Banners) is one of them. I had seen some other blog banners that she created and had her do one especially for me. Those red shoes, yep, they are mine and they are my favorite shoes! Funny thing is, when I sent Denise the picture, she emailed back that she has the same shoes! Coincidence? I think not....Thanks Denise!


Bohemian Girl said...

ohhhh...i am blushing! thank you for your kind words.

it was so fun to work with you. i was inspired by your spirit immediately. thank you for being open to that inspiration.



Colorsonmymind said...

I love the banner!


christine said...

She did a GRAND job on the banner!! Do you have to have the pay version of Blogger to use this?? And the shoes are AWEsome!!!

primdollie said...

Oh how fun and yes love the shoes have a red pair that color only sndals and also a pair of clogs too!!!! love those but have such flat feet don't work well for me but yes have wanted a pair forever!! and love the banner it's awesome!!!

katie said...

Great banner!! and i love your red shoes :-)

i have a pair of red shoes and apple green shoes that i wear 90% of the time...i can't imagine life without them.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the "blog" (I'm not familiar with all of this), but anyway...LOVE the image w/the red shoes- SO YOU! and such a beautiful creation to represent your spirit.