Tuesday, December 05, 2006

6 "Odd" Things About Me

I have been tagged by Sally to list 6 wierd things about myself. I prefer to think of wierd as odd or eccentric, so I am listing 6 odd things about myself.

1) I like to peel my toast apart into two sections and eat them sepearately. First I take the crust off and then peel the remaining bread apart. I have done this for years...I know, "odd."

2) I hate to walk around barefoot, but prefer to have bare feet when I wear shoes..

3) I have to sleep with a fan on, even if it is freezing cold. Always have and always will.

4) I love skulls and skeletons (mostly in association with the Mexican Day of the Dead Celebration).

5) I set an alarm every morning, even on weekends. I hate sleeping in as I feel like I have wasted a day.

6) I don't want any furniture on my new deck. Nope, not even patio stuff. I like the "clean" look of the large deck. So why did we buld it, my Mother asks?.... So the dog can have a place to nap in the sun without getting dirty, I answer!

Okay, I tag Annie, Tracie and Sue!


Sharon said...

Yes yo are odd just like the rest of us. Your number 5..same here. I don't set an alarm but I get up earlier on weekend that weekends because sleeping is a waste of my time too.
Sharon @ Norah'S

Sharon said...

OK so I should have reread my comment. yo means you and I get up earlier on weekends than on weekdays. Oh dear I'm getting worse.