Thursday, January 11, 2007


A while back, I traded some art with a young artist, Ziggy Hill, in the UK. I was thrilled with the piece I received from him and have continued to watch him grow as an artist. I think he is extremely talented. He recently launched a website, Funns, and I love what he said about himself and his art. Check his "About Me" page. I bought one of his paintings, Mineral, and I can't wait to add it to my "Zigg" collection. If you get the chance, send him a word of encouragement. He is a college student that hopes to be a full time artist someday.


Anonymous said...

I went to the link you provided for Ziggy Hill and I love his artwork. It is so unique and fun and I made sure to drop him a note to tell him that also :o)

p.s. by the way, i also love visiting your blog and seeing your beautiful really draws me in.

Maija said...

Hey girlie...when do I get to see some stuff that you've made?!