Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Ornaments

I LOVE this time of year. I'm always inspired to create something from the bottom of my heart...something meaningful and something to share. A few years ago, I participated in an ornament swap. It was fun receiving handmade ornaments. I didn't participate the past two years as I wasn't sure I would have the time to make the commitment. Instead, I decided that if I had time, I would make ornaments and send them out as RAKs with no return expected, but purely from my heart.

This year, I wanted to share my favorite word, "hope." The word "hope" has always been my favorite word as it is the opposite of despair. Each little star is painted and sewn. A tiny lightbulb hangs from the bottom representing the light of the Christmans season. I loved making these and I hope those receiving them will cherish them as well.

Wishing you all a blessed holiday season!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

The radio stations are already playing Christmas music! So, I turned it up, decorated the house, and went to work on Christmas presents and gifties....Here is a start on some ornaments I am making. They have quite a ways to go yet, but I was satisfied I was able to make it this far. I'll finish them up over the Thanksgiving Day break and then they will be on their way to new homes!

Wishing you all a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Peeling Back The Layers

Recently, I had a "conversation" (via email) with a friend asking her how she managed to be so "open". She wrote me back this amazing reply and held nothing back in her response. She responded to me as if I were sitting right across from her at a table having a cup of coffee. It was honest and real, no editing before sending...She is really an amazing woman.

Our emails back and forth gave me a lot to think about. I'm not a shy person, but I am in many ways a private person. It takes a while to know me, the real me...Our conversation and my after thoughts prompted these two pages in my art journal, titled Peeling Back the Layers and Connections....

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fantastic Mail Day!

Every night after work, I follow the same towards home, into the neighborhood, around the block and stop to get the mail. It is like clockwork...never miss a day, unless it is a federal holiday (or Sunday). Some days are more exciting than when Amazon delivers a new book...but today was something special...I received this fabulous piece of mail art from the VERY talented Sally Turlington. I couldn't even look at the other mail, as I was awestruck by this incredible piece of artwork. When I got home, I didn't want to open it...I knew I would have to, as I knew what was in it, but I just wanted it to remain in tact. I took my time...found the letter opener and finally opened it very carefully. It was worth waiting for...another great surprise...the most lovely ATC by Sally.

Sally, you made my day! Thanks!!!