Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Road Less Traveled

I am always fascinated by pictures of a road leading to "somewhere."  No where specific, but up to the viewers imagination.  For some reason, the title to the book, A Road Less Traveled, always comes to mind.  For me, I think it is because we generally take the easiest path instead of taking the path that IS less traveled.  But what if we did take the path that is less traveled?  Less traffic for sure...  No Starbucks for sure, but what else might we encounter?  The sound of wrestling leaves?  The ability to actually hear the birds sing?  Seeing the nature that surrounds us? (Oh and a photo opportunity for sure!  Can't forget that one!)  For some, more negative thoughts might come to mind...but to me, I see peace and solitude as the destination of any lonely road.  What do you see?

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